Nov 24, 2011

Sitting Pretty

I work in a small company.  I pretty much AM the office staff.  We don't have a huge budget for office supplies or furniture so for the last several months I have been using a super cheap, armless chair usually that was not at all comfortable to work in all day long.  This past week we moved our office, or started to move our office.  Right now I have a temporary desk until the guys are able to take apart my giant desk and move it over.  And I have a new to me chair...left by the previous tenant of our new space.  This chair does have wheels and arms but it didn't take long to tell why they left it behind, it is CRAZY uncomfortable.
If I could I think I would get the comfy lookingOFM High Back Executive Chair.  Not only does it look like somewhere I could be happy working all day but it also looks really nice too.  It's been years, if ever since I've had a chair that looked decent.  Maybe I will check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and see if I can manage to nab this chair (or something similar) for my new office!

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  1. You need a new chair for work for sure! I know people at an office down here that just take in their own chairs since the ones there are so crappy. Sadly the guards don't think twice about someone rolling in their own chair!


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