Dec 28, 2011

We're hitting the road.

I am not sure I can fully and accurately articulate how nervous I am about driving from here to Sarasota Florida.  Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of getting there and enjoying 70 degree weather (yes I am counting on that so it better not let me down) but the idea of getting there, well I may need a little pepto.  You see traveling in general gets my nerves all a mess.  When I went to San Diego this summer I started packing literally weeks before the trip and it was just me for 5 days, flying. This time its the whole family for over 10 days and we're driving! I don't have room to start packing!  Oh AND it's Christmas so I have to take some presents with too. And I don't even usually wrap gifts until Christmas Eve.

But it WILL be ok. It's not like we're going to a third world country so if something is forgotten we will hit a Walmart BUT 24 hours of driving! Tell me that doesn't make you a little nervous! Add three crazy kids and the fact that I can't DO anything in the car without getting sick so I know even I will be bored and I need a stiff drink just thinking about it.

On the up side (well the real upside is putting my toes in the sand on Christmas day), some great companies have sent us a few things to help make the trip easier.

First Noodle Head sent some Travel Buddies.  Check out these great little neck pillows:

(click the photo to visit their site)

And TravelRest also sent these which I think I will personally enjoy.

 Watch the video here to see how it works:

FYI this post is scheduled to post in advance, we will actually be on the way home when this posts. Just so my husband doesn't have a heart attack that I've invited the world to rob us, even though we do have a house sitter.


  1. Lisa, are you still in Sarasota? That's only 20 minutes from me! I live just south in the Boca Grande area!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time - the weather has actually been in the low 80's until today when it went down to the 70's :) travel safe! wish I could hug ur neck real quick! we are going to Sarasota for a field trip to Gwiz Science center - tweet me if you're still around through friday!

  2. I hope you had a great trip. My kids enjoyed neck pillows like that during our long drive last summer. It wasn't as long as yours but I am not brave enough for drives like with 3 kids ages 5 and under!!

  3. I cannot imagine 24 hours of driving, but those neck pillows both look neat!


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