Dec 21, 2011

#LuvCookies Winter and Holiday Wear

I love being a mom of boys.  However, it is not often that I can get excited about shopping for them.  Luckily for me they are fairly easy to shop for as they aren't picky.  There are some places that have good stuff but you have to pay an arm and a leg.  But this last week I took some time and really searched the site to see what I could find in the boys department.

We weren't in immediate need of new shoes for the boys but I can promise you, this is where I will be going shortly into the new year for new kicks for each of the older boys.  I have had nothing but trouble finding shoes that were decent looking at a reasonable price and actually in stock for the last year or so.  But I found a ton of styles I liked at prices I loved!  All having this sizes I need!

Check out just a few styles that I added to my list of styles for the boys to check out and choose from when we are ready to get them new gym shoes.

I also found some other footwear deals that I thought the boys would LOVE!

I typically don't by dress clothes for the boys except for Easter and Christmas and sometimes not even then because I can't find stuff at reasonable prices.  But is full of a huge variety of dress and formal wear for boys at totally reasonable prices.

But hoodies and jeans, THAT is our normal attire.  We buys lots of these.  Since the boys are to the point that they actually wear things out before the out grown them I don't want spend a ton on clothes I know won't last real long.  But at the same time I don't want them to be the dorky kids at school because I'm trying to save a buck.  The hoodies and jeans I have shown here (above and below) are all at very reasonable prices but are also current and totally UNdorky!  If you've ever been the only kid in a class that doesn't have the right label on your clothes, you know that there is definitely some value to fitting in and being accepted.  But as a mom I know that there is only so much I am willing to spend on clothes.  THESE items are the perfect mix of value and style!!!

For years I have bought cheap stocking caps for winter, often in bulk because it feels like they'd lose one a week.  It appears they are finally growing up some. Or maybe I should knock on wood because we've just had a lucky spell but we really didn't lose to much last year.  So I decided to see what I could find in the way of something to keep them warm but also give them a little cool factor.  I really like this hat from The North Face/
But in the end I chose to get the boys these hats!! I think they are an amazing mix of fun and function!!
I also found that is a site I can get e-cards for with my SwagBucks which I use regularly!  I will definitely be a regular shopper at 
What do you think of the hats I picked out? (I got them for all the boys but only one was cooperative for a photo.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.

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  1. Cool stuff! I'm always on the lookout for boy stuff that will actually be approved by the boys.



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