Dec 5, 2011

Santa is Totally Screwed

So I think I've mentioned that I have finished shopping for my boys already. Yes I am done.  I've already gone over budget and bought a ton of things I am sure the boys will love...

And then I went and took the boys to see Santa at the mall on Saturday.  First he was on his break (apparently Santa is in the union) so we stopped in Build A Bear.  My oldest was already bugging me about wanting to buy my youngest a Christmas present and when he saw that they had Snoopy, well between a generous heart and Snoopy obsessed 3 year old I couldn't say no. So Dad took the lil man out into the mall while we waited to make him a Snoopy for under the Christmas tree. 

Then after Santa made a quick stop for a drink from the pretzel place he plopped back into his chair and waited to hear the wish lists of more kids.  We only had to wait a few minutes (though a couple minutes more than we should have as some family managed to cut in front of us) before we got to see the big guy in red.  I had been prepping Bryan since we arrived at the mall.  He KNEW what he wanted but was nervous to actually tell Santa.  But when the point came, he did great.  Santa asked his name, how old he was and what he wanted for Christmas, to which he quietly declared "A Power Ranger Video Game."  Ah yes, Power Ranger Samurai for Wii.  The greatest desire of his heart right now.  The ONLY thing he asked for.  And NOT something I've bought. 

Johnny asked for Operation which I ordered for him for his birthday.  And Timmy asked for drums and a hockey stick.  Drums sooo aren't happening our house until we can build a garage or a sound proof cage.  And the hockey stick, well I passed that request on to the rest of the family so maybe he still has a shot at that one.  

But what to do about my Santa believing three year old and his wish for "A Power Ranger Video Game?"


  1. Give him the game. If that's all it takes to keep him happy and it's not a Wii in and of itself, I think it's worth buying. Call me a softy but hey, He's worth it.

  2. Too funny - Gavin just showed me this game in the Toys R Us flyer and said he wanted it!

  3. Get it. Save another gift you bought for his birthday and consider yourself ahead of the game for his birthday! ;)

  4. I agree with Beth! If it is an issue of money I would consider taking some of the other gifts back. Otherwise I'd hold on to the other gifts for another occasion so you can give him his wish from Santa. :)

  5. I like Beth's idea too. You could do that or if you need to take something else back to be able to buy the game, that would work. Hope you figure it out!

  6. Beth's a smart cookie. Get him the game and either return something else you bought or save it for his birthday. Cute picture of the boys!


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