Dec 3, 2011

Xia Xia #Giveaway

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Xia Xia
(Cepia/4 and up/$12.99)


Xia Xia Review from Chris Byrne The Toy Guy ® from Time to Play:

What It Is

Xia Xia (pronounced "sha sha") are colorful and collectible robotic hermit crabs from Cepia, makers of the popular Zhu Zhu Pets. There are four different hermit crab characters in the first collection: Bimini, who comes with a pink polka dot shell and flirty eyes; Trinidad in a grey skull-spotted shell with orange body; Turks, who wears a red shell and pink bows; and Tobago, who has a blue exterior and boyish grin. Each of the hermit crabs has an interchangeable shell that pops right off and a little buddy that rides inside or on top of the shell. Twelve collectible shells are sold separately.
Playsets include the Rio de Trio Village with three colorfully decorated rooms, the Confetti Cottage that doubles as a storage case, and the Copacabana Playset, which connects to the Confetti Cottage. Each is sold separately.

Why It’s Fun

Lots of kids love hermit crabs, but appealing as they are, they might not make the best pets. The Xia Xia pets have all the appeal of a real animal with lots of cool play additions, such as dancing, singing, and encouraging kids to create an imaginary world all around them. The interchangeable and collectible shells create a lot of opportunities for play and customization. The playsets create a bright, colorful environment for imaginative play. The action of Xia Xia is engaging and kids will like the bright tropical theme.

Who It’s For

Xia Xia is for ages 4 and up. On the older end, this will most likely appeal to girls who like the colors and the collectability.
However, don't be surprised if younger boys are intrigued by the action and want to set up competitions between the characters. (Much better, in our opinion, than trying to create battles among live critters.)

What to Be Aware of

The assembly instructions for the playsets are only pictures so they can be a little bit confusing. Give yourself a few minutes to put them together.
We like the great value pricing of all the elements in the line, which makes these really attractive as collectibles.
Each hermit crab requires two button cell batteries, which are included.

* Chris Byrne The Toy Guy ®, is the director of content for Time to Play and has 29 years of industry experience in the toy industry. He has appeared on Live! With Regis and Kelly, Oprah, LIVE, Today, Good Morning America, and more. 

Enter To Win

 (Cepia/4 and up/$12.99)


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