Jan 10, 2012

New Year, New Me #Trop50

It's January. A new year. A clean slate.  

A time when many of us resolve to eat less, lose weight or otherwise make our lives healthier.  I NEED to do these things.  But for me, THIS year is about much more.

This year I resolve to be bold and use my voice. Over the last several years this blog has given me a lot.  Some monetary things, yes but more importantly a confidence in myself, a love of helping others by openly sharing myself and an amazing community of friends. 

It is because of THESE things that I was able to step out this last week and stand up for something I believe strongly in within our community.  This short experience with community involvement in a way I have never experienced before, picketing and helping host community meetings, has given me new life.  For the last several years I have felt the nagging urge to be involved somehow in making a change in our education system.  I never envisioned that my journey might begin with a civil protest but I believe it has.

I believe this is my year to truly use the voice this blog has helped me rediscover.  I'm not sure exactly what that will look like.  But whether it means writing letters, attending meetings or standing on the streets in the middle of an IL winter, I will NOT let fear stop me from doing what I can to effect change in my community!  I have seen the power that just a few can have.  From 7 people holding signs on a windy morning to 250 citizens packing a town meeting, it all must start with one small voice. One voice who is willing to stand up and be heard and this year, I resolve to be that voice whenever I can!!

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