Feb 24, 2012

Hank Player Review

I have some handsome kids! There, I said it!  Honestly, it's not hard to make my boys look good!  
They aren't particularly picky about what they wear.  But I still think it's fun when they wear things that really capture them. These great, super soft shirts from Hank Player did just that!   When Timmy spotted the Boy Genius one, he was a little hesitant.  But after putting it on, he was definitely strutting his stuff and even attempted to wear it a second day in a row so he could show it off to his friends.  
Johnny's 'player' shirt could definitely apply to his adorable smile and personality that had girls kissing on him in KINDERGARTEN, I like to think of it as referring to his video game obsession!
And then there's Bryan, who while you might never guess it by this photo (because I put him on a tall bar stool and he was slightly panicked) is quite the character.  He has an incredible sense of humor for his age and already enjoys plays on words. So this YO (with a picture of a yo-yo) shirt is perfect for him.

But as the mom my favorite part is that they  washed well and that they are seriously soft.  Like fun to squeeze my boys (as if I needed more reason to) soft tshirts!

But Hank Player has way more than just boys stuff, they also have shirts and accessories for girls, babies and men.

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  1. We love our Hank Player shirts too. Your boys are beyond cute!


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