Feb 13, 2012

Me and Jennifer Hudson

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No, I can't sing like Jennifer Hudson, who by the way was no Whitney Houston on last nights Grammy's but given the situation I think she did a damn good job.  But, no, Me and Jennifer Hudson, we were both strong before Weight Watchers, but we're stronger with it!  I was reluctant to publicly proclaim my latest attempt to commit to being healthier.  You see, I've announced it before and gone...well nowhere.  But this time, I got the tools and I've been doing it.  For REAL! 

I started on January 11th.  I signed up for Weight Watchers.  I didn't have a scale until the 17th so I'm not really sure how I did that first week but since the 17th I have lost 10 pounds!!  I have joined a gym and for reasons I can only attribute to peer pressure, I even tried (and enjoyed) Zumba.  In fact, I'll be going to Zumba again tonight.  Ten pounds it pretty much a drop in the bucket of the 130lbs I want to lose but working out and controlling what I eat already has me feeling better...stronger!

If you want to follow along with my journey, including my whining about sweating and hurting from workouts, check me out on Twitter.   I tweet with the #Mamavation hashtag and LOVE the other Mamavation ladies.  So this week I've decided to join in on Mamavation Monday...this week's Mamavation question is..

What is your favorite way to relax?
Honestly my truly favorite way to relax is a nice long bath.  But since my bathtub isn't designed for anyone over 4 feet tall or 70 pounds, I settle for long hot showers.  I love listening to music while I shower but again, tiny bathroom, no counter space etc means no radio in the bathroom.  So these days I'm just content if I can have an uninterrupted shower.  With out someone barging in to pee (one bathroom five people) or banging on the door wanting me to find something for them, even though they are certain it is NOT in fact IN the bathroom!

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  1. Good for you Lisa! I'm cheering you on in your weight loss journey.

  2. I see we have some things in common...3 sons and 1 bathroom! A close friend of mine did WW and now she works for them. She swears by their program!! I hope you enjoy it and meet your goal!!

  3. Keep moving and losing Lisa! You have cheerleaders when you need them!!


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