Feb 28, 2012

My Biggest Supporter

 I've spent countless hours in the last 5 years watching my younguns do their thing, whether it be baseball, soccer, etc.  I LOVE being their biggest cheerleader. (And on occassion the loudest cheerleader of the whole team!)  
But it's pretty cool when THEY show their faith in me, even if their expectations might be a little too lofty.  This weekend Timmy (currently my biggest athlete) and I ran to the store alone.  In the car he announced that he think that I should in fact sign up for the Hustle Up The Hancock for next year.  The Hustle just took place yesterday and think he realizes that its not something I could do today but he thinks I could be ready in a year. I think the thought of it alone might kill me.  But it's sure nice knowing someone really believes that I can make a real change in my health!


  1. awww ... you can do it Lisa! Is he old enough to do with you?

  2. That was so great of your son to say that to you! I love it when kids say things that make you feel great.

  3. That is so, so sweet! I know it's a wonderful feeling to have your children cheering you on. I'm cheering you on too and love seeing your FB updates!


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