Feb 3, 2012

New Grocery Shopping Habits #HFExtendedFamily

I LOVE to shop.  I could spend days if not weeks shopping.  Online, at the mall, it doesn't matter I love to shop. UNLESS it's grocery shopping.  For some reason I have an issue with grocery shopping.  I think it's partly a laziness factor and partly because as much as I DO enjoy eating, I don't love cooking.  

So my solution to not liking it, was avoidance.  I would often stop for the bare minimum we needed at the house.  And then once in a great while I would make one huge trip to stock up on shelf stable items.  This meant two things: 1. we were forever out of something to make a meal I had in mind and often led to me grabbing something at the drive-thru.  2. It meant we rarely had good fresh fruits and veggies.

This year I have committed to doing better.  And I have been doing pretty darn well.  I make about two trips to the store a week, alternating better a couple stores that I frequent.  Almost every stop at the store includes some fresh fruits or veggies, low fat dairy products and lean proteins.  I work with a list, and while I have used a list, for the most part for awhile I now work harder to stick to it.  I used to turn a three item list into a 20 items purchase.  And most of those extra items were calorie filled sugary or salty snacks.  Now that I've cut back, I thought my family might stage a revolt.  But I haven't eliminated treats entirely just cut way back.  And because we're eating more fruits and vegetables we more satisfied.

Because I also started actively watching what I'm eating, I'm trying to cook more at home so I can actually know what the nutritional values are.

One thing that we tried that was super easy and a HUGE hit with my family was a fun take on pizza rolls.  I made these using Hormel Pepperoni (I should have used the turkey pepperoni but was afraid they wouldn't try it if I did), low at sting cheese and low fat crescent rolls.  Warm some pizza sauce for dipping and enjoy. 
Inspired by this post

Have you made goals to eat healthier this year?  Have you found any Hormel Foods products that work into your goals well?

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