Mar 1, 2012

Fall In Love With Your Skin

I have a new love...I mean how could help but fall in love with something that let me go from 

Ok, so that sounds a little conceited but seriously I have had skin issues since I was in sixth grade (which by the way was also when I got braces AND glasses).  I've since gotten contacts (which I wear mainly on special occasions) and well the braces DID help but the skin is still well, lets just say the above before photo is on a GOOD day.  (I do think drinking 80+ ounces of water is helping SOME)  Only now I have acne AND wrinkles.  It's just not fair.

But now thanks to Claro (which you can find at Best Buy), I am much happier with my skin.

I know its really hard to tell from these photos but the first is the before and there are three small pimples. While small they were raised and totally noticeable to me.
However the next morning (I tried right before bed) they were simply small flat dots. And the following day they were gone. I think I can confidently say that without treatment AT LEAST one of them would have grown into one of those large, third eye kind of things. 

Please don't look TOO closely as I obviously still need to find my miracle cure for blackheads.  Claro specifically says it is NOT designed or tested for black heads but for mild to moderate blemishes.  I

"This CLARO 850608002032 acne clearing device utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology with 3 types of energy to safely penetrate your skin and target the cause of acne."  That's the technical description you'll find on the website.  But here's the details.  When you get the Claro, it will need to charge for at least 2 hours.  When its ready you turn it on and the light flashes green you put it on your skin and it can tell that its made contact with skin and will allow you to start the first treatment.  It flashes a super bright light about 10 times and gets warm.  It needs to rest for a couple second and then you treat the SAME spot again.  My unit allowed me to treat 2-3 spots on a charge.  And it takes a longer break to cool down when needed.  The spot on my chin (shown in the photo above) took one treatment each day for two consecutive days to disappear but it had been around awhile when I got the unit and had gotten fairly large.  I think if you stay on top of treatment most breakouts would only require one treatment. For me this is perfect because whenever I have a big event coming up, I get stressed or anxious and I inevitably breakout. Usually its just one or two good pimples but enough to make you really self conscious, especially at events where you know there will be a lot of photos taken.
The price ($195) might be a little prohibitive for some and it clearly states that it is only good for a few hundred treatments but if acne is really affecting the way you feel about yourself I think its totally worth the investment!

I have received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free. However all opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


  1. First of all, I about collapsed in laughter at the term third eye kind of thing! This is awesome! I have lots of blemishes from having to pluck chin hair. Yep, I'm putting it out there. It's the joy of having a boy for me. So this would definitely be something that I'm interested in learning more about. I kind of hate that the treatment time is so short for the amount of cash, but overall, I think that it's an okay trade off.

  2. I am so jealous. I need to try this product out because since I've lost weight, I look like I am in high school again!

  3. Wow! That is pretty expensive, but awesome that it helps you out! My issue is mostly blackheads.

  4. It's expensive, but the same cost as a couple of facials or a trip to the dermatologist for their "special blemish shots."

    Congrats on finding a tool to make you feel better about your skin -- I find that when I'm working out the most, my skin looks great, so that is probably another benefit of your exercise routine!

  5. That is pretty cool! Glad you found something that works for you!


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