Mar 9, 2012

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes...

In a previous life I had a serious shoe and purse fetish.  I bought one or the other probably weekly!  Then I had kids!  Now I typically wear one pair of shoes until they die a slow smelly, tattered death.  I actually wore one pair of flip flops for 3 seasons (and MY flip flop season is pretty much any month that there isn't an inch of snow covering the ground).  But yet, I feel like I am always buying shoes still! Just, not for me anymore.  I swear, I almost wish for the days when they out grew them to come back.  At least they didn't ever end up looking like hobos.  Now every time I turn around they have worn out ANOTHER pair of shoes.  Because of this, I had gone to buying the cheapest pair of shoes I could find.  But it seems that only shortens the life of the shoe, and not proportionately to my savings.

This time, I'm going to buy quality shoes but I'm going to do my best to get the best deal.  To do this, I started by checking out CouponCodes4u for a code for some place with good shoes.  It took me only seconds to find some great Sears Coupon Codes and Target Coupon Codes that were good on shoes.  I found a 20% off of shoes coupon code that was good for just a few more days.  So I checked out the selection.  Sometimes 20% off really doesn't help if the starting price is too out of control.  But I was pleased to find many name brand styles were already reduced to reasonable prices so 20% would be a great bonus.  

How do you help reduce the cost of items you or your family truly NEED?

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  1. I was a purse whore and I'm talking expensive purses too! Now I use the same one for years and years! And it is not designer!


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