Mar 22, 2012

A New Bed for a New Me (Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam Bed Review)

Two months ago I began changing my life. I started eating better and working out.  I have lost weight and gained strength and was feeling notably better on a consistent basis. BUT I still woke up sore in the morning.  Sometimes I experienced back pain but more often, I had pain in my shoulders.  And if I even attempted to sleep on my back I had unbearable hip pain. 

Two weeks ago Sleep Number changed the way I sleep.  Now mind you I should probably be honest and say, my standards WERE pretty low.  My old bed was a standard pillow topped mattress set in an old water bed frame.  The mattress was almost 15 years old and was probably flipped a total of 3 times.  And because it wasn't on a box spring it aged quickly.  I've been feeling the springs for several years when I roll over.  So, while I fully expected anything to be a nice upgrade, I was still very pleasantly surprised my how much I LOVE my new Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam bed.

 I wasn't home for the delivery and setup but am told that it took less than half an hour and the guys were super courteous and helpful.  (Check out this post at Mom and More for a full description and photos of the delivery and setup.) The first night I cranked my sleep number way down, to 25 because I love the super soft feel.  But that was so soft that I actually had a difficult time rolling over.  Since then I've played with my number everywhere from 50-35.  I really like not being locked in because I enjoy the extra softness on the days I have worked out especially hard.  I love that the DualAir system lets you and your partner select your own individual firmness levels although I have been surprised to find that my husband and I's numbers aren't nearly as far apart as I thought they'd be. I will say that if you DO have a large difference in preference the two sides will be at very different levels and I would recommend adjusting the levels to somewhere in between if you want to snuggle and watch a movie or anything like that. On Saturday mornings the boys often pile in to watch cartoons and it makes it much more comfortable if I even the two sides out (usually to a higher setting of 60 or above).  But if you have very different Sleep Numbers it does naturally create your own separate sleep space, this can be handy if you share a bed with a bed hog! 

Having checked out Sleep Number years ago, I thought remembered the pump being much louder but I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the adjustments are.  If you lower your number (which is super easy to do with a wireless remote) you will hear just the quietest push of air for each setting (5% steps) you lower it.  If you increase your number the pump quietly hums for just a moment, but nothing loud enough to wake your partner if you made adjustments while they slept.

I was very curious to try out the CoolFit foam on the m7 Memory Foam Bed.  I didn't think it would be too different from a pillow top but it is so much better. I am hot sleeper and even with the last two weeks record setting high temperatures and my refusal to turn on the A/C in March I have been very comfortable. The only issue we currently have with the bed is that the mattress is extra thick because of the memory foam but a friend told me I can easily find deeper sheets to combat the problem we have right now with the sheets I have.  A small price to pay in my opinion.

I am seriously in love with this new bed.  I am a skeptic at heart and so I really doubted how much difference there could be.  But I am truly upset that I didn't listen several years ago when a close friend swore to me that I NEEDED to get a Sleep Number mattress.  I have had zero hip or shoulder pain since we got our new Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam bed. When I work out especially hard I still know it in the morning but I thoroughly believe that the comfort of this bed is helping me be less sore overall because of the increased comfort and better sleep (which equals better muscle recovery).

The new Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam bed is currently priced at $2,799.98 (regular price is $3,199.98) which can raise a little sticker shock but, in my opinion, it is truly going to be the best thing you've ever slept on.  

For more information visit Sleep Number.

About the all-new m7:
  • Three (3) inches of exclusive Sleep Number CoolFit™ foam with gel technology provide a cool, soothing sleeping surface.
  •  CoolFit foam is naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand.
  • Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir™ technology lets sleepers adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for their ideal level of comfort.

In-store and Purchase Experience Sleepers interested in the exclusive and unique Sleep Number m7 bed or other CoolFit foam products can visit one of the more than 380 Sleep Number stores across the country, or call (800) Sleep Number or (800) 753-3768.

Disclosure: I received the new Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam Bed courtesy of Sleep Number. All opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.


  1. We love our sleep number! I really would like to upgrade ours!

  2. My parents have a sleep number bed and love it. It is on our list one of these years!

  3. I've heard nothing but good things about sleep number beds. I WANT one!

  4. I like how you say "snuggle or anything like that...." Glad we are both getting better sleep!

    1. I could seriously live in that bed. I'm in it hours earlier now reading emails and facebook there instead of the couch at night now

  5. I'm so glad you found a sleep solution for you! I have wanted a Sleep Number for a long time...maybe someday!

    1. I'm telling you, its sooo worth it.


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