Mar 16, 2012

One Small Step...

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...means I only need 9999 to make the goal for the day!

Although I have continued to stick to Weight Watchers 100% the weight is coming off slower than I'd like. I'm still averaging 2 lbs a week but each week it has been slightly less so that average will go down soon.  Last week 1.2lbs. I KNOW that its still going down, and I'm not starving to do it. In fact most days I'm looking for something else to eat because I haven't used all my points. 

But I wanted to see if I could kick it up a notch. So this week I bought a FitBit, thinking it might help me move more on nonoworkout days.  Today is my third day using it.  The first, which I worked out for just an hour, I had 7,500 steps.  Not too bad for the first day.  But the goal is 10,000 a day.  Day two...a sad 2500 steps.  The plus side, I feel like this means I have a ton of room for improvement! (Hey, don't ever tell ME I'm a glass half full kind of girl.)

So today, day 3 and I'm making the most of my work hours which is a little tough considering I have a desk job. But I am getting up more instead of stacking stuff up to get up once to do.  AND I took a walk at lunch. And I'm almost to 5,000 steps already.

I'm really feeling good about where I am going with this.  But I think truly the biggest reason I feel like I'm succeeding this time is the amazing support I get DAILY from friends and family online. From those who help answer my many questions to that cousin who is always ready with a virtual kick in the a$$ when it sounds like I'm trying to be lazy for the day.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty about my social media obsession, but it has really be the most amazing tool for me in this journey.

How about you, how are YOU doing with your goals? What things are helping you the most??


  1. How do you like Fit Bit, I have been considering it.

  2. Hey there!!! I am your newest follower you can follow me back here:
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)
    Happy Blogging

    Keep up the good work on dropping off those unwanted pounds :) With love and support it will make it easier but in the long run remember you are doing it for yourself :)

  3. You're doing an awesome job! Sticking to WW can be tough (from what I'm told) and you've been super dedicated! I'm going to grab myself a fitbit soon, so we can keep each other accountable. Are you on MyFitnessPal? It's compatible with FitBit, too!


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