Mar 12, 2012

Signs of Spring

I woke up this morning to the sound of birds outside my window.  While later in the season, this sound will annoy the heck out of my, especially if THEY wake me before my alarm. But today, it was a refreshing change that got me excited thinking of the impending spring season.

Now we've had a pretty mild winter in IL so we shouldn't complain too much.  But it is that time of year when cabin fever is taking over my house.Where the need for the boys to get out and move has to come before my disdain for the muddy mess that it inevitably involves. It means that baseball season in looming on the horizon. And for me it means it's time to bust out the sandals. Honestly, I left the house Friday evening in white sandal shoes even though it was a cold evening. But that was because I was going to a friend's house to soak our toes and try some new beauty products. But on a whole, I break out the sandals and have my goofy tan lines before anyone else considers it sandal weather.  

There is just something liberating about the first signs of spring. Whether its the first time (or a million) that I have to bring in a lonely baseball glove left out in the yard or the first time we fire up the grill.  I am refreshed with a new energy as the world around me begins to green back up to life. And I can't wait for the colorful flowers to being to pop.

What is YOUR favorite sign of spring?


  1. I too am so ready for Spring & I'm loving these little tastes of it!

  2. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love this time of year.

  3. What I love more than anything is the smell of freshly cut grass!

  4. I love Spring - It's not too hot, not too cold...Just right. I love a warm rain!


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