Apr 17, 2012


Last week I got a message from a friend who wanted to get together Friday night.  Friday's are usually a workout night and I'd already skipped one night, so I decided I would workout and then go out.
I cut my workout just a little short (still over an hour) but took it a little easy so I wasn't a total sweaty mess since I was just cleaning up in the locker room before heading out.  We went out to one of my favorite restaurants.  And since we were an hour away from half price appetizers, we had dessert first. I could have really gone for a ginormous cookie loaded with ice cream and whip cream. Or the lava cake. But decided to go for the hot fudge dessert shooter.  Not healthy mind you but not over the top over induldging either.
I'm finding it really is all about balance.  It's not about completely depriving myself of any one thing until I'm too crabby to care anymore and then really over doing it.  It was a bad week with Easter cheating and a PMS related chocolate binge and probably water retention. I was up 2 pounds at my official weigh in Saturday. But was down yesterday morning three from there.  I am coming to terms with my nonfantastic weeks and realizing they only break me, if I let them.  I didn't put all this weight on in a week...its not coming off in a week either.  And while I AM learning to love a good work out, I still want to live a life of balance with time for family and friends.  What the use in putting in all the hard work to have a long healthy life if I'm not able to actually take some time to enjoy it?


  1. Balance is key! Love the dessert idea first! :)

  2. I'm not good with moderation. I'm all or nothing which means I have a lot of failure, lol. But it's definitely the way to do things so I'm glad you can!


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