Apr 12, 2012


I finally saw the trailer for Bully yesterday, ironically the same day I had to send an email to the principal of the boys school because my oldest sworn at and verbally attacked and called racial charged names on the playground. My son walked away from the girl (yes a girl but a girl who was first suspended from school for fighting in KINDERGARTEN) and didn't tell anyone at school what had happened. When we talked to him about it I first thought he chose to ignore it because he didn't want to lose time playing kickball. But after further questioning realized that it was far more fear based than that. It breaks my heart that my child is dealing with true fear, again, at school.
Today I visited the Bully website and cried (again) when I saw that stat at the lower left corner. THREE MILLION kids a month aren't going to school out of fear.  It is HIGH time we do something!!!!!! If you want to learn more visit theBullyProject here.

Here is the trailer for Bully which opens everywhere tomorrow.
Disclosure: I have been in no way compensated to share this and have not connection to this production. I just believe that it may be just the wake up call many people need!

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  1. My boys are 8 and 11 and we plan on seeing the movie together. We have had plenty of discussions on bullying in the past and I plan on taking the opportunity after seeing the movie to discuss it again. Just the thought of your child being bullied is a scary and frustrating feeling.


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