Apr 23, 2012

High Tech Home Office

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As a blogger and general social media addict, I consider myself fairly tech savvy.  I am pretty sure I might literally die without my smart phone.  My love for my iPad is probably a little excessive for any inanimate object.  But yet there are many techy areas I am still intimidated by. 
I have been laughed at recently for still having a home phone.  I have my reasons though.  First I have no solid faith in cellular service, although we seem to do alright in our house, it just makes me too nervous to depend on my cell phone 100%.  Two, I have been known to temporarily misplace my cell phone. No, not lose it, just momentarily forget where I may have left it.  And last but certainly not least, I don't get the best battery life on a smart phone.  Possibly because I use apps excessively, but still the point being, I am not comfortable with leaving to chance that in an emergency in my home I only have my cellphone which may be misplaced, have no service or a dead battery. So I still have a house phone, even though I never use it.  But it's there, just in case.  
But my other phone related short coming is my complete lack of knowledge of Skype or other business VoIP service.  I mean, I know what Skype is, I even set up an account.  And I think the concept is great but I have yet to figure it out. It's something that just doesn't click for me. I'm sure if I just jumped in and asked someone to try it with me while I fumbled through, I'd probably catch on.  But you see there is this thing about being SEEN fumbling and clueless.  Typically I can learn on my own and not have an audience to witness my less intelligent moments.  Sadly, I KNOW that this is another way to cut costs and would allow me to work together with other bloggers on projects easily.  But I just need something, or someone to kick me into gear to figure out this realm of technology.  Yes, I love my smart phone, I wouldn't trade if for the world but somehow when it comes to none cellular based communications...I seem to be stuck back a decade or two!

How are you doing with your telecommunications technology?

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