Apr 27, 2012

I Can Not Relate (Post for Moms Only-NO KIDS)

So this morning a friend shared the link for the first episode of the new Lifetime show '7 Day of...' on Facebook.  And I had meant to set up my DVR for it but forgot so I watched.  In fact, I know some bloggers are following along on the challenge but our situation wouldn't really allow me to play along.  Anyway, so I watched with interest and I really don't GET it.  And now I'm left wondering, am I the abnormal one or are these ladies?

One wife stated 'what mom has time to lay in bed for an hour?'  And the other one didn't like being 'pressured' to....finish(?) each time they were intimate?  Seriously?  
As the mom of three kids yes there are times when I might say I'm to tired but honestly overall, I'm totally with the men on this show. I would totally be up for it every night. (And some mornings...afternoons etc).

Someone, PLEASE tell me I'm not the weird one!?!?!? I'll be interested to watch the other episodes and see if all the couples are in the same boat or if there is anyone else out there where the roles are reversed so I don't feel like a TOTAL freak.


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