Apr 19, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away! #HormelFamily

If April showers bring May flowers, this week alone should create a very colorful May.  I'm sure it feels worse than it's truly been because we were spoiled with an amazing March, weather wise. But it seems we've been stuck in the house for most of this month either because of cold or rain or the muddy mess left after the rain.
Just this Monday my oldest's first baseball practice was cancelled because the field was a mess from two days of rain.

Sometimes it can be hard to fill the days when plans are cancelled and we can't get outside.  My kids get antsy and lets be honest, so do I.  And for me, its only made worse when they are whining that they are bored, or fighting with each other while I am attempting to make a family meal.
So this weekend I decided to head to the store for the fixings for a fun family meal.

I have written before about the mini pizzas my kids love helping to make. (View post here.) But when I went to the store I was excited to find mini along side my trusty Hormel Pepperoni minis, Italian Sausage toppings.  There are the boys two favorite toppings and they always ask for sausage.  So getting choices when they made their own pizzas made this rainy day a little brighter!!

We finished off the meal with heaping bowls of salad and my new favorite garlic caesar dressing.  To round out our rainy night we watched We Bought A Zoo (review coming soon) and popped some popcorn.

How does your family spend a rainy day?

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  1. We liked to do craft projects and cook too! Those look like fun, and I'd happily make those for me!


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