May 8, 2012


We are currently wrapping up our third year with Cub Scouts and for the second year in a row we packed up on a cloudy, wet Saturday morning to let the boys race down a hill.What? You don't think this sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday in May? 

Thankfully, it was also the second year in a row that the rain stopped for at least the hour that our boys Pack was assigned to race at this rain or shine event.  So that two boys at a time could be loaded on the 'starting block' and dropped into action on a hay lined hill at a local(ish) park.  Last year both boys finished second in their official race but this year Timmy won his and got a pretty blue 1st place ribbon.

Click to see a larger image of Timmy, tongue hangin out 
Although only promised one run for each boy, this year they each got three runs.  Johnny crashed into the hay on every run.  And there MAY have been some tears.  And some claims of cheating and unfairness.  But it was simply all in the luck of the draw, the quality and alignment of the car they were sat in and the way you started off down the hill. Some cars had some decent steering, some didn't.  Some flew down the hill while others had a breaking mechanism that whenever the boys attempted to hold it, to be prepared from the stop at the end, they were dragging the brake and slowing themselves the whole way.  But all in all I think they had a good time.

Out of the two hundred photos I took (not just of our boys but of other friends from the pack) THIS one makes my giggle!  Just the look on his face!

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  1. It looks like they had a blast and YAY for a blue ribbon! That's so awesome!


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