May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

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Today marks the third Mother's Day I will celebrate without my mom.  It's weird to think that's is been three years.  In some ways it seems like no time has past since the last time we had a REAL talk.  But then when I think of all the things that have happened since she's gone, I realize how much she's missed.  Or at least how much I've missed being able to share with her.  Getting her sarcastic input on the decisions we make as parents.  Seeing her immeasurable pride in her boys. Getting to see Johnny play soccer. Seeing how great Timmy has gotten at baseball.  Seeing how both of them have excelled SO much in school.  Or seeing what a little ham Bryan has turned into.  They would be great buddies, I'm sure because he is very much filled with her spirit.
I know my boys and I are still blessed to be surrounded with plenty of loving friends and family, but there will never be a replacement for the enormous hole that losing her left.  She was truly a one of a kind.  I miss her EVERY day.  I miss sharing my struggles and my accomplishments with her. As much as I know she would be SO proud of her boys, I hope that she would be equally as proud and excited about the things I have accomplished since she's passed.  I miss her EVERY day, but no day more than THIS day.  A day when I should be with her, being able to hug her and tell her face to face how much I love and appreciate her.  Letting her know that while I know I am nothing close to perfect, I am what I am today, because of her.  Because she loved me and sacrificed for me in a way you can never truly understand until you are there...until you become a mother.  Life changes when you look into the eyes of your child for the first time.  But it also changes greatly when you look into your mother's eye for the last time.

I miss you, Mom!  We love you!

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  1. Lovely post. Happy Mother's Day Lisa! I'm sure your mom would be and is very proud of you.


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