May 17, 2012

Sponsored Video: Here's to a world with less cancer and more birthdays

So thanks to Twitter, I was reminded this morning that this summer I will turn 35. I didn't love turning 30, I thought I should be more...something, by thirty. But for some reason 35 is more daunting to me. Each of these small milestones make me feel like I'm getting too old to not be the person I want to be. But I'm working on that, I'm making changes. But then I watch something like this video, and I remember, it's not about what I have or even so much what I've done, but appreciating each day I'm given. So this year, I'll be celebrating, not just for me but for all those, like my mom, who didn't get to celebrate ENOUGH birthday!

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  1. You are still young! Make a year of celebration for sure! Great cause to support.


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