May 16, 2012

That's What You Listen To?

Ok, now that I shared the good stuff about my Mother's Day, do you mind if I whine a bit? I really try not to be too whiny hear, now my personal Facebook page, that's a whole other story.  But here, I know that I'm more than blessed to have a happy healthy family so anything beyond that is truly just a bonus.  But sometimes, sometimes I just feel the need to whine...just a little!
So here goes...
I knew better than to expect much of  anything but I didn't get so much as a "Happy Mother's Day" or a card from my husband.  I KNEW I wouldn't be getting anything as beautiful as the flowers from shown above.  You see, years ago, I told him I'm not that into flowers.  Too many people spend 100s of dollars on roses that last a few days, and I'd rather have something that lasts.  And for some reason, as much as I could swear he never listens to a word I say, THAT, that he remembers years later.  
I'm not sure I'll ever understand how the male brain works.  Tell them a thousand times the timeline for the week and they act as if each new event is a total surprise to them.  Mention that they don't need to spend tons of money on flowers for every occasion and it sticks like crazy glue.
Ah, such is life.  I'm thinking for my birthday I might just send MYSELF some flowers!!  Have you ever done that?  I've grabbed some pretty flowers at the grocery store just to brighten up the day.  But have you actually ever ordered flowers to be delivered to yourself?  Would that be weird? If you've done it, do you include a note?  Do you have them delivered to work? Did people ask who they were from?  Maybe I should send them to myself at the house anonymously.  Maybe THAT would get some attention! Hmmm...I just wonder...maybe that'd make sure I got a little something next Mother's Day!!  Maybe it'd even get me something sparkly...?

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  1. “Tell them a thousand times the timeline for the week and they act as if each new event is a total surprise to them.”

    I am so glad to hear that my husband is not the only one that does this! I even have a detailed calendar on the fridge, but apparently there’s some sort of force field surrounding it that shields it from everyone’s eyes but my own. :::eyeroll:::


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