Jun 12, 2012

I Fell in Love with Chevy Tahoe

 Last week, our family got the chance to drive a Chevy Tahoe.  It was love at first site really. Honestly, I've been lusting after the Cadillac Escalade but when this shiny silver beauty appeared in my driveway I was all, Esc-who? 
Having driven an SUV the last time before Johnny was born (8 years ago) it took a little getting used to driving what at first felt somewhat like a tank.  I might have had visions of taking out a mail box or two in the first moments of driving it.  But after I cracked the sun roof, popped on my sunglasses and cranked up the fabulous sounding radio I was quickly right at home.

My kids didn't take long to fall in love either.  My four year old was quick to point out that this 'car' looked different, smelled different and had everything mine didn't.  But really, its not a fair comparison given that I drive a 1996 Intrepid.  As I said it's been a few years since I was behind the wheel of an SUV but I have never driven anything with such a smooth ride in my life. 

We took this machine on a few short trips (just over an hour each way) and it was so nice. The built in DVD player came with two wireless headphones but since I had three heads...I listened to movies.  It's still a step up from 'when will we be there?' for an hour!  But I missed the rockin tunes I enjoyed when I was alone. 

It did take me awhile to get used to using the back up cam. It seemed a little low for me to be able to naturally use. But after a couple days I grew quite fond of it.  The navigation system worked fabulously as well. I've been using GPS on my phone for awhile now but sometimes it can be hard to hear it in my crazy car. This way it broke into whatever was on the audio system (mainly kids movies in our case) so I didn't miss a beat!

Another feature I loved was the auto folding mirrors. That's probably not the right term at all but with a touch of a button the side mirrors fold into the car, keeping me from smacking them at the drive thru.

 The view from the third row seating.  The floorboard in the third row is higher than the rest of the vehicle, which doesn't leave a ton of leg room.  It wouldn't be ideal for adults or large children.  But my four year old and his buddy had a blast back there watching movies at a soccer game. (Car was parked and off when this picture of them unbuckled was taken.)

Having never really checked out the Tahoe before, I really wasn't sure how much room there was in it.  With the third row seats in and in use there isn't a TON of room.  But it easily fit a small cooler and some baseball gear.  We later added some chairs without any problem. So it was able to handle our normal daily storage needs.

I am sincerely in love with this vehicle.  If money were no object, there would be one in my driveway right now.  This awesomely loaded model lists for just under $60,000.  And because money IS an object for me, I was also watching the gas mileage.  I found that the listed in town mileage of 15 mpg was right on as I ranged from 14.9-15.1mpg.  We got about 400 miles out of a tank but with a large tank we guessed it would have cost approximately $90 to fill the tank at the current gas price.  I did some very quick research and found that this isn't hugely out of line with other current SUV models (some considerably smaller in size) though AND Chevy does offer a Hybrid version of the Tahoe! 

Thank you so much to Chevy for giving us the chance to check out this sweet ride.  I hope it won't be too long until I can put a Chevy in my driveway permanently.


  1. I love driving big vehicles! It makes me feel so big and powerful on the road LOL! When I get in to drive my car after having driven the van for several days, it's a trip to get used to it. I'm glad you got to enjoy the luxury of the Tahoe for a week!

  2. That would be great for our three kids. It is HARD to find something that will fit three kids in carseats that isn't a van (we already have a van!)

  3. Wow, there's a whole TON of room in there! Even though I don't drive one now, I'm an SUV girl at heart and this one definitely looks like it has it all!


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