Jun 6, 2012

Sargento “Thin to Win” Challenge June 6 #ThintoWin

Today's challenge is: “Sitting at a desk all day can be bad for your posture! Take a few minutes to stretch at your desk and tell us what stretch helped you relax and why.”

I have been an office manager for over 12 years, that means a whole lot of hours spent at a desk.  I have horrible posture in general and work is no exception to that.  For me, finding the right chair was huge in helping me keep a better posture while I worked, but I know MANY who work office jobs don't have the luxury of getting a different style chair either for cost reasons or for uniformity within a workplace. 
But taking regular breaks really can make a great difference.  Whether you use a Post-It note to remind yourself to stop and stretch or if you set an alarm/notification on your phone or computer to signal you to take a break, making sure you remember is the key.

Because I have the flexibility I like to get up and move away from my desk, usually refill my water bottle, etc when I stretch.  This allows me to do the one stretch that I've found the MOST valuable to maintaining good posture.  A dentist I saw for my TMJ issue actually was the one who told me to start doing this.  Since I am horrible at explaining it, here's a video showing  this stretch.

How+to+Do+the+Door+Stretch -- powered by LIVESTRONG.COM

If you aren't able to get anytime you need to, the photo above shows how I stretch at my desk.  Doing this simple stretch whenever I feel my muscles tightening forward helps me a LOT.

Have you joined the Thin to Win challenge from Sargento?  Hop over to their Facebook page now to enter.  

Disclosure: I am working with TheMotherhood to help spread the word about the Thin to Win campaign from Sargento.


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