Sep 7, 2012

Do You Cheat?

I swear I made it through all my years of school without ever doing any REAL cheating (oh shut up, a little 'help' with that homework you totally forgot about doesn't count).  But these days well...I admit it. I'm a total cheater.

I swear I started out totally against it.

I played Words With Friends and when someone told me how people were coming up with these insane words I'd never heard of by using a site you just plug your available letters into, I sort of gave up on the game.

When my opponents in Draw Something started just writing the word instead of actually Drawing SOMETHING, I sort of fizzled out.

But then I started playing 100 Floors.  Have you played it?  It starts off easy enough.  Pulling you, making you feel all smart.  And then suddenly I was all deer in the headlights....huh? I don't know what to do.  Poking and prodding.  Pushing...tilting.  Nothing worked.  I spent DAYS stuck on a level.  THIS level to be exact...
I could tell that the thing above the door was a code and I swear I tried every which way to poke the numbers and...nothing.  So finally after almost a week, I almost deleted the app. Then I did the unthinkable. I cheated.  Yup, I did a screen capture*, and uploaded to facebook with a request for some help.  And it totally worked. Within seconds my friends had my cheating back.  And I moved on to the next level.

Since I don't play games too often I only made a it a few more levels before stopping for awhile.  Then I was quickly stuck again the next time I picked it up.  Even my kids looked at it and had no clue.  So once again I went to my facebook friends. 
I SWEAR I tried to do just what was needed several times but once I KNEW that was the right thing it still took a couple attempts.  But guess what...apparently I don't even need to bug my friends when I'm stuck...the solutions are all on youtube!  You'd have thought.  So yeah, I checked and I've made it through a ton of levels now! I'm totally addicted to cheating!

So tell me, do YOU cheat at games?  
What app/game is your current addiction?

*Screen capture on the Samsung Galasy SIII is so easy! I love it!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”


  1. I love that one and I also love 100 Doors! And yes, I've been known to look for a few answers on cheat sites. lol

  2. I've never played this game. My husband will sometimes look up cheats for video games, but I don't play often enough to need them, haha.

  3. I definitely cheat at this one...did you know there's an app you can download that will TELL you the answer to each level?

  4. I don't play games on my phone but if I did I would probably be a cheater! LOL

  5. I admit to cheating on the Smurfs game :)

    1. HOW do you cheat on the smurf game???

  6. I need this game! I've never heard of it but now this will probably be my favorite game. ;)

  7. I have to pull out cheat sheets on just about every type of video game I play. I also play hidden object games off of and I still have to use cheat sheets on the puzzle things. However, if I feel like being lazy, I call my husband who seems to be able to figure out every type of game there is!! He's a huge video game lover!! I like the simple video games (like Lego games.) However, I enjoy computer games. (I think it has more to do with the controllers than the actual games themselves if you know what I mean.)


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