Sep 26, 2012

Things Sound Great with Klipsch from Best Buy

Klipsch - Image S4 Earbud HeadphonesI am a music lover.  I literally can't imagine a day without music.  Music can really help pass time.  A few good tunes and an ebook make an hour long train ride downtown fly by.  Trust me, I've forgotten my earbuds a few times and it suddenly seems like its the longest hour ever.  But the only thing worst than not having horrible sounding music.  Or having decent sounding earbuds that are too uncomfortable to wear for very long.  But with Klipsch I didn't have either of this issues.  When I took them out of the package they have a different shape than I'm used to so I wasn't sure how they'd fit.  But they fit great and offer a normal fit and and sport fit.  Either are comfortable and the sport fit is slightly more secure.  AND they sound amazing.

Klipsch are also designed to work with certain Apple products volume control and voice command.  I especially like the volume control when using earbuds during workouts.  I find that songs can have a widely different volume level and suddenly your eardrums can be blown away with an overly loud song. But with the volume control you don't have to fumble for your phone or iPod to turn on the screen and then adjust volume.

Klipsch - Image S4 Earbud Headphones Product Features

  • Earbud design
    With an angled nozzle directs sound into the ear for deep bass and extended frequency response. 4 soft, flexible oval ear tips (small, medium, small/medium and large) for a comfortable fit in your ear canals.
  • Moving coil driver
    Delivers brilliant sound. Tuned bass-reflex woofer system delivers enhanced bass.
  • Noise-isolating design
    Reduces background noise for clear audio.
  • Durable, built-in strain relief
    Keeps you comfortable while you listen to your favorite tunes.
  • Works with Apple® iPod® and iPhone
    For wide-ranging compatibility.
  • 4-1/5' cord length
    Allows you to move around and work on other tasks while you listen to music.
  • 3.5mm connector
    For an easy connection.
  • Ear tip cleaning tool
    For added convenience.
  • Crush-resistant aluminum case
    Provides easy portability.
  • 10Hz - 19kHz frequency response
    For faithful sound reproduction.
  • 110dB/mW sensitivity
    For powerful sound.
  • 18 ohms impedance
    To efficiently conduct power. 

Klipsch - Image S4 Earbud Headphones are available now at

I received Klipsch Image s4 Headphones courtesy of BestBuy as a member of the Offical Best Buy Blogging Board.


  1. So true about the changing volume from song to song. I definitely like that feature!

    1. apparently there is some feature to help with this in itunes....maybe I'm not quite so tech savvy as I think :)


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