Oct 4, 2012

Family Fun at Westfield Malls

Before kids I was a shopper.  I shopped when I needed things, and more often, when I didn't.  I window shopped.  I people watched.  But mostly, I bought more clothes and purses then a small country needed.

Then these three came along.  When the older two were little we often went to the mall to just get out. I walked and they just loved having something new to look at.

Then they learned that you could BUY things at the mall.  But they are only interested in BUYING if its for them.  Tell them I need something and they whine and cry about going to the mall.  Unless we are talking about going to mall with something in it for them.

Recently we went to check out Westfield Old Orchard.  I'd never been to this mall before.  I wasn't even aware it was an open air mall. It was gorgeous!!!  The boys fell in love instantly.  There are multiple fountains, a koi pond and a fabulous kids play area.

In addition to this fun play area, the day we went they had a balloon artist.  What kid can resist a balloon flower or sword!  They also host family events.  Check their website for details on upcoming events.

Westfield Malls also have great selections of family friendly stores.  From your typical mall stores like The Children's Place and Gymboree to the more upscale stores such as Janie and Jake.  But for your day of family fun, we decided to check out the TOY stores.  Westfield Old Orchard is home of Galt Toys and Galt Baby which has an amazing collection of baby gear but also has tons of fabulous toys.  They carry a large selection of brands and price points.  The boys MIGHT have ended up with something from here.

Then we strolled along the beautiful walkway to Marbles.  I'd heard of Marbles before and was excited to check it out.

The instant you walk into Marbles you can tell its a different type of store.  Its a somewhat small space with minimal inventory.  But the staff is fabulous.  The games are extrodinary. And best of all you can actually try just about every game in the store before you buy it.  Play against a staff member or amongst yourselves.  This is a fabulous place to pick up a gift for people who have everything.  Well, probably not if you're shopping for our family...there's a reason I loved the games here...we already own a large selection of them.  We love games and I really love games that are fun AND educational. 

I really loved this manipulation toys/puzzle thing.  But every time Bryan touched it, we had to pick up all the tiny pieces off the floorr...so I decided to wait a bit on it.

And of course, all that playing and shopping works up an appetite.  Westfield Old Orchard had a great selection of places to eat from Sunday to Johnny Rockets.  But when we turned into the parking lot, both my oldest and I saw IT.  We knew instantly we couldn't leave without stopping for lunch...Cheesecake Factory.  It's a little pricier for a family meal but oh so worth it! 

We spent over four hours at the mall and barely stepped into any of the stores.  Westfield Old Orchard is really a fabulous way to spend a day with your family.  While at the kids play area, for the second time that day, I even ran into a friend who was out with her kids just to play and eat lunch as well.

I am working directly with Westfield. I am being compensated as a member of the WFamily influencer program.


  1. That looks like it was lots of fun for the boys (and you!)

  2. I used to love taking my boys to the mall when they were younger. Now that they are getting older, I can't even bribe them to come along with me. Well...at times I can when there is something they really really want.

    I missed those days of just walking through the malls just window shopping.

    1. I totally hear you!! I figure I don't' have much longer until I won't be able to bribe them either.

  3. I love open air malls...they're so much more of an experience. I would have really enjoyed Marbles!

    1. There aren't many around here, other than 'strip malls' but they aren't really any fun. This place was a lot of fun. It was nice that day too so I may have pretended I was somewhere there are more open air malls...like say Cali


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