Oct 26, 2012

UNJUNK Your Halloween with UNREAL Candy #getunreal

Story behind UNREAL:
UNREAL™ exists because a thirteen year old boy asked one Halloween why candy needs to be so unhealthy. After an argument with his father, he did a bit of research only to find that candy is filled with bad things like hydrogenated oils and artificial colors and flavors. And what’s worse, he found out that those ingredients don’t make candy taste better, they simply make it cheaper to produce.
Nicky believed that candy without the junk could be made and that it would taste better. And he and his father and brother decided to prove it.
And they did.
UNREAL™ provides many of the great flavor combinations we love in our treats, but without the corn syrup, without the partially hydrogenated oils, without the GMOs, without the artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and with 40% less sugar per serving on average. The key ingredients are responsibly sourced, and the candy is available in the stores we all shop, at a price point we can all afford.

This weekend we'll be sharing UNREAL Candy with our friends in a Halloween inspired get together.  Our family has already tried UNREAL and learned how good candy can be when it's UNJUNKED.  Have you?

Disclosure: We've been provided with supplies and product to host a get together. All opinions are my own.


  1. I really like unreal candy, especially the peanu nougat and caramel nougat

    1. I MAY have had a couple Caramel Nougat on Saturday night :)


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