Nov 7, 2012

Check Out Floor and Decor for Your Next DIY Project!

Do you remember the Calgon commercials from the 80s?  "Calgon Take Me Away?"  Raising three boys means LOTS of "Calgon" moments in my house.  Unfortunately, my bathroom is about the last place I want to be in my house.  It was never a great bathroom. It's insanely small.  The tub barely fits my nearly 10 year old son. And there isn't a lick of storage IN the bathroom.  But about 5 years ago we realized the previous owner had made some serious booboo's in fixing up the bathroom and the toilet had been slowly, and eventually not so slowly leaking into the subfloor and eventually basement.  It wasn't a pretty site to say the least.  And of course we realized that we needed to address this issue IMMEDIATELY during the coldest week of the year while I was 8 months pregnant with two small boys and ONE bathroom.

The flooring and subfloor was removed and my husband replaced everything within the weekend.  But having not planned for this little renovation, we had no budget for it. And with a slight oops that lead to a broken toilet we had to replace that too.  So we bought the cheapest toilet and flooring we could.  Recently one of the boys was taking a shower and one of the 'walls fell on him.'  Thankfully it was just a vinyl wall piece but again, unexpected DIY project with no budget.

Our bathroom is currently a hot mess!  Its literally falling apart at the seams.  It will be one of the first projects we address now that both of us are working again.  

Unfortunately because of its size it will never been my dream bathroom.  Honestly it won't even give me the freedom to fully decorate it the way I want since I prefer darker flooring but going dark would only serve to make the room smaller.   If I was doing a bigger better room, I'd love to tile it in something like this.

Which can be laid a few different ways to create designs like these:

I found the above tile at Floor and Decor's site.  I had a lot of fun thinking checking out their site and getting ideas for Low price flooring, not only for the bathroom which I would more than likely do in a light solid color like this:
But they also have the Best selection in hardwood.  We currently have laminate in most of our house.  It was also horribly installed.  We're debating whether we'll do hardwood or carpet.  I love the look of hardwood but after 9 years with a light colored  floor I would chose a dark would like this:

I can't wait to start redoing our house in 2013, slowly but surely.  This time, with intention AND a budget.  For me flooring will be a huge thing.  It's something we need in every single room and it really make a huge impact.  We'll be checking out Floor and Decor for porcelain, ceramic, stone, tile, wood and laminate options as we do each room!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Floor and Decor. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. This is really neat, there are almost TOO many choices!

  2. I've never heard of Floor Decor, but sounds like it's worth checking out. My bathroom can use a little tlc also. In fact, if I could have the flooring re-done throughout the house, I'd be a happy camper.

  3. Who says you need a floor in every room? :)


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