Nov 17, 2012

Clean Up After YOUR Wild Life with GLAD

Ah, what a difference a decade makes.  In my twenties a crazy mess meant there had been a bunch of people over having a great time.  These days, as the mom of three boys I feel like my life is always one big constant mess.

Having three boys, none of who seem to enjoy cleaning, sharing one bedroom  has led me to give up the daily fight to keep their room clean.  Instead I ask them to pick up regularly, you know at least make a clean path so I don't break a leg trying to get into to wake them up in the morning.  But a few times a year we do a MAJOR cleaning.  One of these times is always around late fall.  All three boys birthdays are in the winter so to prepare for the incoming birthday and Christmas gifts we purge their room.  Because of its constant state of disarray there is very rarely anything left in usable condition that they are willing to part with but what there IS, we box up and donate/take to the Salvation Army.  But for the most part bag upon bag of former toy is taken out as trash.  Broken or missing pieces they looked used and abused.  From big to little, its amazing the amount of stuff we can clear out and still leave them with a full toy box.
See how thrilled my oldest was to get a box of Glad garbage to help with this chore?  Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of PILE of bags they managed to fill and we haven't even finished yet.  FIVE full bags came out.  One was to be donated and 4 went to the trash.  To say it wasn't easy to get them to do this this year would be the understatement of the year. I usually get in and do it with them but I felt like they are getting old enough to do it.  But they aren't the best at planning and thinking ahead and working efficiently.  So next weekend we'll be grabbing our GLAD bags and heading back in for round two.  I just pray that they managed to get all the chewed up gum and half eaten suckers out already because I'm not ready to deal with that sort of mess.  It makes me crazy!  If I have to deal with a mess THAT wild, I should have at least gotten to have a good time and helped make it!!  But at least with the GLAD bags, once its in there at least I know I won't be seeing it again.  ForceFlex bags are so great for their messes.  From broken hangers and insanely sharp toy pieces, we can put them to the test.  But even with the boys on garbage duty...meaning the bags are dragged and bounced down the steps, these bags held up!

What's the Wildest Mess you've ever had to tackle?

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