Nov 9, 2012

Happy Tenth Birthday Timmy!

10! I really can't believe it.  It seems like just days ago I was looking into your sleepy little eyes and wondering what you were thinking. Even as a newborn you seemed so full of wisdom.  Not much has changed.  Well, you argue more, a lot more really! And you know what makes me crazy, you're right way too often!
I can't believe the young man you've grown into recently.  You've stepped up and helped me when I needed it. And you've shown so much maturity and dedication in all the things you enjoy doing.  There are few things that make me smile bigger than hearing the sound of your name being yelled in praise out on the football field or hearing what a pleasure you are to have in the classroom.
Keep up the good work, son, you make me proud!!!

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  1. Ah, what a gorgeous young man! Hope he had a lovely birthday :)


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