Nov 1, 2012

High Tech Kids

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This year my kids wish list included far more TECH than Toys.  I'm totally cool with this change as far as the Christmas surge creating less mess.  Tons of toys equals tons of trouble.  Not to say there aren't some toys waiting to be wrapped for under the tree.  But the large ticket items this year aren't toys.  This year they asked for things like laptops, Kindles and iPods.  

This of course makes for a more expensive Christmas.  But I dealt with that by saving up, buying throughout the year and by buying used.  Some were new in box previously owned, some were like new condition used but honestly, they won't know the difference either way.  "Santa" opens everything and sets it up, charges it and has it ready to go under the tree, unwrapped Christmas morning.

But having these items 'ready to roll' means a little more than in year past.  We used to be able to open a box, slap some batteries in a toy and call it a day.  But this year I'm on the search for the perfect apps for iPods and Kindles.  Since my music collection is scarce and not exactly what they are into (one is obsessed with Elvis, the other 80s rock) I'll be looking for a legit way to download music free so they can have a decent music library to start out with.  I will probably add some photos to each so they can customize backgrounds etc.  And then I have to decide how I'm handle the Kindle account. I think I'm going to set up each of them with an email account so they can have their own Kindle account since sharing mine...not a great idea thanks to 50 Shades.  Do you have app recommendations? 

Then there's the worry of safety.  We keep tight control of all electronics so it shouldn't be too big of an issue but I want to stay on top of it from the beginningWe have talked for several years about internet/tech safety but will continue to do so.  But are there things you do to control the safety of your kids online with these gadgets? Are there ways to block unsafe sights like there is on a PC?

And my last issue is protection of the unit itself.  The boys are interested in the coolest looking case. Where I'm more worried about the case the offers the best protection Do you have a brand that you love for fun kids cases that actually offer some protection?


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