Nov 12, 2012

My Two Weeks with @MyTrainerBob #BobHarperLIVE and #Mamavation Challenge

This was me and Bob Harper in August 2011.  This is when I ate ice cream while I watched Bob help people lose miraculous amounts of weight.  I LOVE Bob. I've actually gone so far as to start filling out the application to be on the Biggest Loser.  But then I panic, imagine being away from my kids that long and scrap the idea.

But when I heard that the latest Mamavation challenge was going to include Bob's workout, I was psyched. Then I looked at the first  workout.  I think I might have skipped the whole thing if it weren't for the fact that I had friends who were also signed up and following along on Facebook to see how everyone was doing.  I don't think there was a workout that first week of the two week challenge that I didn't have to modify in some way.  As I got to week two, life started to get to me.  I wanted to make excuses and let my emotions take control.  But thanks to some great friends, I pushed through and stuck to it.  I didn't do the best with my diet the last two days or I probably would have had even better results.  But in two weeks, working out 5 days a week for about 20-30 minutes each of those days and sticking (mostly) to my Weight Watchers plan, I lost 9 pounds and 6 1/2 inches.

Disclosure: I did get a complimentary trial of as part of the challenge.  But all opinions are my own and results were not impacted by this savings!


  1. That's great that the support is kinda what pushed you through the stumbles. Great job!

  2. What awesome results! I hope this is your motivation to get back to what you were loving about your life earlier this year ... your personal successes!


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