Dec 17, 2012

Burning Calories to the Tracks your Favorite Celebs listen to

We may not all be able to afford personal stylists and trainers, but we do have access to the same music that are favorite celebrities have. If these tunes can get them pumped in the gym and look good for the Red Carpet, then we can use them to drop a jeans size and look good for bikini season. Free music downloads @ is a site that offers a great way to collect all those tracks your favorite actresses or singers have loaded onto their iPods. Perhaps knowing that when Jennifer Garner is planking and doing crunches to maintain her rock-hard abs to the sound of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Rock Your Body’, it will inspire some of us to download that track and give it hell in the gym. To learn how free music download sites can make your musical life better, and to learn what some of Hollywood’s A-level stars are listening to, continue reading.

The Truth About Free Download Sites

Much like the false accusation that Justin Bieber was sending Selena Gomez death threats, some sites that claim to offer free music downloads are also spreading false news. Although some sites may not charge their users a fee per-song, there are monthly charges. Furthermore, most sites don’t give their clients the ability to burn unlimited CDs, and have small media libraries. When researching a free music download website, be sure they are indeed truly free. Also, make sure they have a huge inventory of songs in their digital library, and that downloads are compatible will all types of MP3 players and computers. After all, you don’t want to be stuck singing the Pretender lyrics by the Foo Fightersafter realizing you just got screwed over.

Artists to download to get you fit 

If the stars are using music to fuel their physical goals, then let’s do the same! Recording artist Rihana gives partial credit to musicians such as Shop Boyz, Sean Paul and Jay-Z for her fit and trim figure. She loves listening to Jay-Z’s ‘Umbrella’ while boxing and doing pushups.

If you are looking for a yoga play list then do what actress Jennifer Aniston does and download some Groove Armada, Steveie Wonder, and The Rolling Stones. Holding the lotus position while listening to ‘Wild Horses’ will surely inspire you, as it does her, to get past the point of pain and achieve amazing flexibility and good core strength.

If you need a jogging play list then download what actress Reece Witherspoon has in her ears while hitting the pavement in the Hollywood Hills. She reports that ‘Soak up the Sun’ by Shryl Crow and ‘Buttons’ by The Pussycat Dolls gets her running to the beat.

Why not download tracks to make a compilation. Hillary Duff states that her 80s dance and punk tracks move her all over the place.

But is music really that important when it comes to working out? In an article by Livestrong, the author sites a study conducted by ‘The Journal of Exercise and Sport Psychology’ that reveals music as a factor to reducing the feeling of fatigue. Also, it can boost the spirits and produce relaxation response that can be helpful (for stretching and yoga). Also, the rhythms of music are proven to improve motor coordination. The article states that not only can this reduce the risk of injury but it can also help those who suffer from a movement disorder like Parkinson’s disease. I wonder what Michael J Fox has on his iPod? Clearly, celebrities know the benefits of working out to music, and now you do too!

Your Music, Your Choice

Do your research and find a good free music download site that offers you the kind of service you desire, and the variety of artists you want loaded on your MP3 player to not only help you get pumped when you work on your upper body strength, but that will also help you relax during those challenging stretching routines. The world of music is just an online click away.


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