Dec 19, 2012

Create a Virtual Gingerbread House

If your gingerbread houses don't always hit the mark you can check out my post on amazing gingerbread houses for some inspiration. Or you look at my gingerbread house fails to sympathize.
And when you're done mourning the dreams of what could have been with your candy covered can create the gingerbread house you've always!

Turn THIS...

Into this with Jenny B Harris's webstite!


  1. What an awesome idea, and great job, love it, will have to try with my kids, thank you for the idea!

  2. I have three humungous Gingerbread house kits under the tree for the kids...our first attempt at doing them ever will be on Christmas afternoon. I may end up coming back here to do a virtual one to ease the pain. :)

    1. LOL I go back and fourth each year between doing 1 house as a family or doing 3, one for each of the boys. Its always stressful for me.


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