Dec 10, 2012

Get Unleashed ! #milkunleashed

As a full time working mom of three kids, I have to prioritize.  It's simply impossible to do and be EVERYTHING with just 24 hours a day.  When three days a week starting with THREE stops to drop each of the kids at a different location all before 8 am and multiple nights of activities, we don't have a lot of down time.  So I have to decide that it's OK to let some things slide.  So yes there's often laundry on my couch. Hey, most of the time its folded. And if you're lucky I'll remember to put away the underwear before you come over, I'm totally not afraid to admit that.  What I DO hate to admit is when our hectic schedule affects how I take care of my family.  Sometimes the nonstop running ends up meaning that I'm not feeding the kids the things their little bodies need everyday.  And if you're a mom, you KNOW what kind of torture mom guilt can be. So whenever I find something new that helps me easily do better in taking care of my family's health, I get excited.  This year I have worked hard to do better about eating better even on the run.  We take stuff with us more so that we aren't stuck in the fast food trap as often.  But it can be hard to travel with some of the healthiest options.  Some of our favorite fruits and veggies aren't super travel friendly but we do our best to work with what we can.  But the hardest thing for me is getting our daily doses of dairy while we're on the go.  Sometimes it's just not possible to travel with a cooler, at least until I grow those extra arms I've been dreaming about, I can only carry so much.  And honestly even with a cooler toting around milk or yogurt makes me a little nervous.  That's why when I recently learned of shelf safe milk, I may have been a little giddy!

I'm really not sure how I'd never heard of this since I'm told its been around longer than I have. One carton of shelf safe milk has eight grams of protein and nine essential nutrients – calcium, A, D and B12, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin and zinc.  Ultra pasteurization and special Tetra Pak eco-friendly cartons keep the milk safe for families to enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

Being able to have shelf safe milk on hand means not having to panic when I realize that the milk in the fridge has expired and the boys REALLY want a bowl of cereal.  It also means I can always grab more milk while we're at the store...just in case and not have to worry about whether it will actually fit in the refrigerator.

But it wasn't until I visited Milk Unleashed to find out where to buy shelf safe milk that my new love fully blossomed.  You see, I can buy milk, even Hershey's Chocolate (as well as white and strawberry) at my most absolute favoritest place to  Yup, I can now stock up on chocolate milk anytime, anywhere and my kids can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without worry of keeping it refrigerated (until it's been opened).

How could shelf safe milk help make your life easier?

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  1. I've never tried the strawberry, but I bought chocolate shelf stable milk for my kids ALL the time!


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