Dec 11, 2012

Making Confident Little Leaders out of your Children

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This day and age poses many challenges for children to develop into healthy, confident people. What with the cultural obsession of the video gaming world, both parents having to work jobs in a downed economy, school bullying at all new highs, and the rising rate of childhood obesity, your child is either a statistic in one of these categories, or goes to school with other children who face some of these challenges. So what is a parent to do? After all, you have a job to go to, and your child’s school doesn’t have the funds to invest in programs to address these growing concerns. One of the best investments you can make in your child’s life is to enroll them in gymnastics classes for kids where trained professionals not only address these concerns, but also help your child grow as a strong, confident and healthy leader in a fun and safe environment.

Confident and Positive Little People

The best children’s gyms out there offer a wide variety of activities to keep your little one active and entertained. The benefits to such places are becoming highlighted in parenting publications, and are gaining more attention in the news. In an article published by The Huffington Post, the author writes how movement-based science is implemented in a way that fosters self-expression, playfulness, and good health for growing bodies. The author also addresses how many of the activities, such as martial arts and dancing, arm children with self-esteem and skills that they can carry over into adulthood.

4 Considerations for Parents

As adolescent health and fitness is a growing concern, kid’s gyms are popping up in almost every city, and as a parent you have many to choose from. Here is some advice to help you make the right choice for your child. (1) Look for a gym that offers a free introductory class. Any gym that tries to lock you into a contract or take your money before actually EARNING your business should raise concerns. A good quality gym that has nothing to hide should always have open doors and welcome kids to try it out and test the water. (2) What is the gym’s mission statement? Too many times a gym will sprout up and boast, “We take the wimp factor out of any kid”. Although these gyms have good intentions, they will sometimes encourage the belief that if you aren’t number one, you aren’t a winner. They focus on making little mini Chuck Norris or Lara Crofts out of kids. The better alternative is to find a gym that uses multiple approaches to building skill, character, and health development in a way that brings out the star in each and every individual child, and celebrates those differences. Some gyms even use holistic methods into their structure. But a good gym will always promote the children as a valuable team unit, while celebrating their unique differences. (3) Diversity. Look for a gym that has multiple activities and programs that are geared towards numerous age groups, and that fit the needs of specific developmental stages. After all, a 4 year-old can’t do the same activities a 10 year-old can. (4) Instructors. Experienced instructors who have the proper training to oversee the physical and emotional health of your children, while nurturing them along the way, are vital in order for your child to have the best experience. Entrusting your child to a former personal trainer from Gold’s Gym, or some surf instructor who digs little kids, is not a wise decision, even if the individuals have the best intentions and mean well. When you prospect kid’s gyms, be sure to ask what qualifications and training the staff members have.

Your Child’s Adventure

When following the tips listed above, you will have a better idea as to what gym will best be able to work with your child in providing him/her with an exciting outlet to be creative, embrace good health, gain confidence and leadership skills, and make new friends. An interactive gym for kids is a wonderful resource, especially given today’s social challenges that were not as common as when we ourselves were children. Take your child to the gym for a visit, and take some time to ask other parents on site for their opinions. In no time you will see that such an establishment will arm your child with the skills to make them successful, confident, creative and happy people.



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