Dec 7, 2012

Our Kalahari Resorts, Wisconsin Dells Stay Part 1

 Last Saturday I woke my kids up at 4:30 am and made them get dressed and get in the car, headed for an unknown destination.  I will regularly keep our plans secret from them just in case things fall through, someone gets sick, etc but we aren't usually driving three hours.  I have to say I was impressed with how well they did with the tight quarters (we took my compact car), long drive and early hour.

This photo is them seeing our destination...Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells.

There was a special little welcome at the front desk when we arrived.

And we had just a minute to check out our room before we had to go to breakfast.
We had a two bedroom, two bathroom suite.  This is the master bedroom.

 Check out the adorable towel elephant.
 The fabulous living area complete with a fireplace and large balcony.
 Master bathroom with large whirlpool tub that I tried out Sunday morning and didn't want to ever leave.  But having TWO bathrooms in a hotel was amazing.  I don't even have that at home and its so nice to have after getting back from the water park when everyone was wanting to change.

The second bath was small but plenty for the boys.

 We found some fun Kalahari shirts and toys waiting for us so we changed before we headed to breakfast.

We had a delicious breakfast buffet while hearing about the plans for our stay.

We preordered our lunch before we left breakfast.

 And then we were off to the waterpark. 
We were thrilled with Kalahari's indoor water park.  With a great wave pool (with a small play area in it), a lazy river, a huge water play area with about 8 small slides, a great play pool with floating lily pads and basketball hoops.  And Bryan's favorite was Tiko's Watering Hole which had a pint sized lazy river with small intertubes (with bottoms for the center) and small fountains and slides.  Of course there were also a TON of large water slides and the FLow Rider surf area.

After some free time in the waterpark we checked out the Flow Rider with their pro who took each of the boys out to try it despite their apprehension.  I MAY have bribed my kids with $5 for going on their tummy and $10 if they attempted to stand up.  They both did give it a go and used thier $10 to buy the photo of their ride.
 Timmy above, Johnny below

I was so proud of them for getting in there and givin it a try.  They originally wanted to go again but we ran out of time to do it right away and they were either too distracted or lost their nerve cuz they never made it back.

We then had lunch and a little more time to play in the waterpark before I hosted a twitter party poolside.

I will share about the rest of our stay next week.  But for now, if you'd like to stay at Kalahari Resorts, go enter my giveaway for a 1 Night Stay HERE.

Disclosure: Our family  was hosted by Kalahari Resorts in exchange for my posts. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Lucky boys! Kalahari is the one indoor water park in the Dells that I would really like to try. Everything I've read has been really positive - including this. Sounds like they treated you right.


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