Dec 4, 2012

Shop Best Buy This Holiday Season for Practical(ish) Gifts For Her

We've all seen it, a husband out on Christmas Eve shopping for his wife (because everyone knows she shopped for EVERYONE else already) at whatever store is still open.  But with Best Buy's Value (extended price-match guarantee), Convenience (widest selection; free shipping; same-day pickup; extended return and exchange policy) and Expertise: (Best Buy Blue Shirts are unbiased experts who can help you pick the right gift for your lifestyle and make sure you have everything you need to wake up working this holiday season) there's NO EXCUSE to wait until the last minute!

If you need some inspiration, I've put together a small selection of items for the lady in your life this holiday!

SodaStream - Genesis Home Soda Maker $99.99

We have a SodaStream in our house and it's fun.   It is super easy to use and the best part, I think is that you can make your own mixed creations.  This would be especially great for someone who likes to entertain because it is usually a big hit at parties.

Rechargeable Wine Opener  $29.99

I'm not personally a wine drinker, but I know lots of ladies who are.  And I know if I WAS a wine drinker, I'd think this was a great gift. 

NeatDesk for PC Sheetfed Scanner  $399.99

I personally want one of these. I would also love someone to come and actually scan everything for me and get me organized so I could just keep up with it from here forward.  I know some people who've used this to really go paperless with all their record keeping and that sounds AMAZING to me.  I think this is an especially good gift idea for a work at home mom.  NOTE: this isn't a very romantic gift, proceed with caution when purchasing for a wife or girlfriend.

Crock-Pot 4-Quart Oval Slow Cooker $24.99

Maybe it's just me but this Crock Pot in red makes me think I might enjoy using it a little more!  But honestly crock pot cooking is one of my favorite ways to cook if I'm forced to and I'd really like a 4 quart unit. 
This is another one that may not be well recieved by a wife or girlfriend.  If you've been warned never to buy a kitchen appliance for a holiday, this is NOT an adviced purchase.  However, if you think you're safe, you can sweeten the pot (yeah that pun was totally intentional) by adding a homemade certificate good for YOU to make her one meal using this crock pot.  Or one a month for the year.  That would make it a gift I'd personally love to get.

Fitbit - Zip Wireless Activity Tracker $59.99

I personally have and use the Fitbit Zip and love it.  There are several other models of Fitbit available with many additional features, but I love the Zip because its been designed better for the way I use it.  Its more water resistant and rugid. This gift idea however comes with a super high not buy this unless it's been asked for.  Buying any item that can be used for weight loss will likely result in disaster if not previously asked for.   It's like warpping a big sign that says "I think you need to lose weight, Merry Christmas."

This blogger is NOT responsible for any bodily injury should you chose to purchase any of these gift ideas without heeding my warnings.  Many woman do NOT want practical gifts for the holidays.  The expression 'diamonds are a girls best friend" didn't come from no where but if you have a practical lady on your list, maybe use these suggestions to inspire something she will truly appreciate and be able to use regularly.

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I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions expressed are my own.


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