Dec 5, 2012

You Too Can Endust, Start Living

Do you need to "end dust" so you can "start living"?   Endust works so fast, it allows you to get to something more enjoyable and important. 

I have to admit, I don't like to clean. I know, most people don't LIKE to clean, but I really don't like to clean. And I'll often avoid it if at all possible.  It's previously been to the point that when I did really break out the dust rag my kids would ask who was coming over.  

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy a clean house.  If the house gets too cluttered it stresses me out and makes me not want to be there.  But we're busy people who can easily go a week without spending a night at home, especially in the summer.  But now that the cold weather is setting in, we're home more and more. So I'm going through a bit of a cabin fever nesting phase.  I'm purging everything I can and making home, homey again so I can relax and enjoy quiet evenings at home with my family.  Getting rid of the STUFF helps a lot.  However, it never feels really CLEAN until washed, dusted and mopped.  But as a full time working mom, I don't want to spend all my free time chasing the dust away.  

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Not gonna lie, I totally 'get' Doug.  I can recall a time or two when I've cleaned off our entertainment center, gotten rid of all the junk, dusted, etc.  And then after I've put all the cleaning supplies away I've gone to replace the photos on top the shelf and realized they are still covered with dust.  I could and should go got the stuff back out but since I'm in my grubby cleaning clothes I just use my shirt.  At that point I'm just wanting to get done, end the dust so I can hop in the shower so I can "Start Living!"

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