Jan 10, 2013

Germs, Germs, Go Away!

Photo credit: Alvimann from morguefile.com

This year is not starting off on a good note.  I haven't been able to work but ONE full day because of sickness.  Several of those days I took off to keep the boys out of the sitters because her kids were sick.  Apparently we didn't stay away long enough.  Now we've been fighting it for a week. 

It's a nasty evil stomach bug.  It took me out for two days but for the most part it has the boys up and down which is making it impossible to know when they're really over it.  Timmy was the first to have it and was back at school Monday but then yesterday he threw up at school so I THINK he's on a round two.  Today he seems ok.  Bryan has had it since Saturday but it's only eased slightly and was REALLY bad last night when he finally ate.  He just had some crackers and a banana so here's hoping he does ok.

How is YOUR year going so far?


  1. I hope everyone at your house feels better!!

  2. I HATE how that spreads through everyone in the house!

  3. I hope you all can get healthy and get back to your lives!


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