Feb 18, 2013

How to get your Son to love the Dentist

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Let’s face it, most kids throw a screaming fit or tremble in silent fear when they sniff an upcoming trip to the dentist. Perhaps the memories of that grinding sensation that they felt when their teeth were scraped still haunts them, or perhaps their dentist wasn’t a kid-friendly sort of guy.
At the end of the day when a child fears the dentist it is for one primary reason: he doesn’t have the right dentist. Finding a good kid’s dentist extends way beyond the realms of one having a background in pediatric dentistry—the dentist must have a natural childlike personality and passion for little ones that fits well with children. Dr. Cobb, The Kid's Dentist is one of a few dentists out there who loves caring for children above any other patient type. If you want your son to not only abandon his fear of the dentist, but also enjoy going in for a cleaning, then do your online research and find the perfect kid’s dentist.

How to find that kid-friendly dentist
You will want to start by looking online and closely examining the dentist’s websites. Most dentists will advertise as being qualified and experienced to work on children, but this alone doesn’t make them an expert. Children require a dentist who not only knows how to care for their teeth, but who can naturally how get on their level and make them feel calm and relaxed by being a big kid himself. Such attention requires pure dedication that not many have. Therefore, find a website that showcases the dental service as one with an overwhelming or majority emphasis on children’s dentistry.
Is it a website that children would be attracted to? Does it have bright colors, cartoons, and photos of other smiling happy kids? A dentist’s website is an online representation of the physical clinic, and therefore should showcase the nature of the business—in this case a child’s dental office with fun and exciting imagery.

 Social Media presence
When any business has a Facebook page, they are opening themselves up to the world for public feedback, both negative and positive. As social media provides an outlet for clients to leave feedback, it is a good source to turn to when examining the legitimacy of a business. Be sure your son’s dentist not only has a Facebook page, but that he has a good number of “likes” on it (more than 200 is phenomenal). Also, look to see how the dentist engages with kids on his Facebook page. Does he show their photos or artwork? Does he run contests for kids? These are all things to look for.

Testimonials and reviews
Check out testimonials left by parents just like you. What do people say about the dentist on Yelp? Are there client reviews on his website? Hearing first-hand from other parents stating that their own children adored the dentist will give any parent peace of mind.

Test the waters
If you have followed these steps and you find a kid’s dentist who looks like the real deal, book an appointment for a routine checkup. Inform your boy that no actual dental work will be done, and that the dentist is only going to look. Then see how the dentist interacts with your son. If your little one is all smiles then it is a safe bet you have found the perfect dentist to see your son all the way through to his college years.
But ensuring your son’s oral health doesn’t just begin and end with his relationship with the dentist—moms and dads must promote good dental care in the home. Try implementing a motivational chart for your young son to use each time he brushes his teeth, and when it is full, give him a reward. This way you can continue the fun from the dentist’s office into your own home.


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