Feb 11, 2013

I Did It!

Yesterday was the day.  I traveled downtown to Calumet Photo, which is in a less than glorious neighborhood in the Chicago but is a photographers holy land inside.  I waited, while staring dreamily at the Jill E camera bag I've wanted for forever.  And making eyes with the lens of my dreams.  All the while trying to ignore that fact that I was about to read my audition piece, out loud to someone else for the first time ever.  I had read it several times to check my timing (pieces are to be under 5 minutes) and I even video taped myself in an effort to realize all those bad habits I have and try NOT to do them in the audition.  But I hadn't read it to anyone.  As far as I know only three people in the world have read it and none while I was around so I hadn't seen anyone's reaction to it.  It's very unlike anything else I've ever written. 
But with only minimal (I think) amounts of fidgeting I read my piece, probably a little faster than I should have since it was timed at 4:19 and it was running much closer to 5 minutes in my practices.  But I did it.  I faced a huge fear and I gave something huge (for me) a try.  I took the risk and no matter the outcome, I am happy with myself.  I finished and got hugs from both Melisa and Tracey as well as some chocolate Hugs & Kisses.
And now, I wait, patiently.  With many amazingly talented writers to see if I will take the stage as part of Listen to Your Mother Chicago or if I will be honored to watch as part of the audience. Either way, there are no losers here.  And I'm thankful for the chance to have been considered!


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