Mar 29, 2013

Sponsored: LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap Makes Messy Moments Easier

Being a mom is messy business.  Yes, its mentally and emotionally messy, but with three boys, its literally messy too.  I'm not sure where I dropped the ball or if there is simply a cleanliness gene missing from the male species but my boys are dirty.  No really, they are unclean.  And here's the kicker, they don't care!

Ok, I get that you can't sweat the small stuff. I try not to worry too much when my kids end up out with me at the store before I realize they are still wearing lunch around their mouths.  But as my boys get older, they seem to also get messier.  The other day my ten year old had pizza stuff on the back of his shirt.  The BACK people! How does that even happen!?!?  And if that isn't impressive enough for you, two days later when sent to get ready for baseball practice, he found that same shirt in his room and tried to wear it again when it had not made it to the laundry!

All this to say, I KNOW dirt!  Thankfully, the whole dirt is good for you seems to hold fairly true in our house.  My surrender to their mess hasn't meant we're stricken my plagues.  Quit the contrary really, they are usually fairly healthy even in cold and flu season (except when directly exposed to a nasty virus such as the one that went around this winter).

But for everyone's sake I really DO try to get them to keep their hands clean.  But tell me I'm not the only one who loathes having to clean the soap dispenser? It really seems like a cruel irony.  I mean have you ever experienced the grossness that is wet Cheetos remains?  It's not for the faint of heart I tell you.  So when I saw the LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap I was excited to try it. 

It was super easy to set up.  You just peel a seal and push the soap down into the dispenser until it breaks into the second seal and you're ready to roll.  The boys loves it of course.  But we quickly found that we couldn't use it in the bathroom. There simply was no room for it.  It's not that much larger than a standard soap dispenser but just enough that it wouldn't fit on our pedestal sink, or if it did, it would be too close to the handles and would go off every time you reach for a handle.  The only other surface we have in the bathroom in the back of the toilet.  Let's just say that didn't work either.

But we have continued to use it in the kitchen, though it took a little time to find a good spot there as well. It's not placed in the window sill, which actually makes it unreachable by our boys but any other counter top spot had it either again too close to the faucet handles or too far from the sick and with our tiny kitchen ended up being blocked by other items left on the counter.

 I do grab it and put it out whenever we're finishing up a messy activity or getting ready to eat so everyone can use it.  But in our space its just not as perfect as I had hoped.  Oh, and my kids still got peanut butter all over it! Sigh!

I do think it's great for a slightly less chaotic household where you have more room where kids or pets won't accidentally set of the sensor and leave you with soapy surprises on counter tops or floors. 

While kids are encouraged to explore their surroundings, this often means coming into contact with potentially disease-causing germs. That’s why LYSOL® created the No-Touch Hand Soap System, which has 10 times more germ protection than the leading antibacterial hand soap. Its no-touch dispenser also makes hand washing a fun, interactive activity while helping to stop the spread of germs.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand washing is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of infection and illness. As part of its Mission for Health, LYSOL® supports the CDC recommendations by offering products like the No-Touch

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