Apr 17, 2013

Origami Owl Online Party

Have you seen Origami Owl necklaces yet?  I'm totally addicted!  These are just a FEW in my collection.

So when I learned that the new catalog was coming out this month I HAD to host my own party.  But with crazy schedules, doing one in person is pretty impossible.  So I'm hosting an online Origami Owl Online Party now through April 25th. 

 Origami Owl custom jewelry would make a great Mother's Day gift and if you order by the end of my party (April 25th) you are guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day!

To view tons of great other great idea visit my designer's Facebook page.  Then visit her personal site to order, just be sure to select the my name (Lisa Noel) in the "Party Information" box when you check out!!


  1. But I don't UNDERSTAND online parties. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest.

    xoxo Useless

    1. Ok THIS online party is easy, its like an in home party in that when you order I get credit for free stuff. YAY me. With online, you order online, get your stuff directly sent to you, no hassle. Easy peasy.

      As for twitter parties, that's totally different, we'll talk Sunday.

      And pinterest, for the love of all things holy, you NEED to be on pinterest, there are sooo many yummy drink ideas there!!! :)


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