May 16, 2013

Celebrate Spring Chicago with Miracle-Gro at HomeDepot #Sponsored

Thanks to Miracle-Gro and Home Depot my boys and I created some things to beautify our yard.  Available exclusively in Chicago Home Depot store and only THIS month, check out what you can do with Miracle-Gro Premium Plants

 Chicago’s blooms will be bigger* and better than ever this season. And with Mother’s Day around the corner one of these potted annuals or hanging baskets make the perfect gift. One that keeps on growing!

"We’ve taken all we’ve learned over the years in gardens around the globe and created thriving plants for long-lived success. From begonias to petunias, to geraniums, they’ve been cultivated with care to help you achieve beautiful results in your home or garden. And with their roots firmly planted in a custom soil blend, they have everything they need to succeed. You’ve trusted us to help you care for plants, now you can grow with us right from the start.
  • 3-month money-back guarantee
  • Fast blooms and vibrant colors that last all season
  • Available in potted annuals and hanging baskets
  • Limited time only at The Home Depot stores in Chicago
*Compared to conventionally grown plants"

Mother's Day sounded like the perfect reason to create some pretty potted plants with Miracle-Gro premium plants, so I gathered the boys and off to Home Depot we went.

After wandering the garden section for awhile we found a great selection of Miracle-Gro plants.  The hardest part was getting the boys to agree on colors! I thought that these plants looked pretty full and healthy compared to the other available brands so I'm super excited to see what they will look like as they grow.

The Miracle-Gro premium Plants happened to be outside (on the sidewalk) at our location, not sure if this the norm or not but there were plenty of available employees in the garden section to ask for help.

Once we made our selections, which included two plants for friends and three plants for ME, we headed back inside.  There we grabbed some Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and some nice pots for our new plants.

I was very pleased that even with a little hunting for the plants, and some 'discussion' on which ones we wanted we were in and out with the trunk all loaded up in less than half an hour!

These are the plants we picked to give to two close friends who I wanted to honor for Mother's Day because they have been so amazing to us helping to get the boys taken care of and to sports etc when I needed an extra pair of hands!

They boys were eager to jump in and get dirty repotting the plants in the Miracle-Gro potting soils.  We filled the pots with the soil and the boys loosened up the dirt the plants were already in to allow the roots to spread.

Once they were all done, Bryan had to give them the sniff test?  He says they smell great!

The boys had fun helping with this project and have been carefully watering the large pot that stayed with us since. I love how easy it was and can't wait to see the pot fill in.

Since we don't have any good locations for flowers in our yard (nothing with the right combination of location for they are safe from feet, light and soil) I am hoping we do well with our pot and maybe next spring we can add more pots to our collection so that we can add more color to our yard.

Thanks to Miracle-Gro for providing us a gift card so we could check out the Premium Plants line.  All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


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