May 13, 2013

NBC Nightly News Features Listen To Your Mother and ME!

With many of my blogger friends doing TV appearances, you'd think I would have been thrilled with the chance I had to speak with NBC Nightly Correspondent Janet Shamilian about my experience as part of Listen to Your Mother. But I was convinced I would HATE how I looked and sounded.  I worried and worried. And then I convinced myself that with all the footage they took I would likely not even make the piece.
And then Friday rolled around and I got a text from my aunt that she and my uncle had seen a teaser for NBC Nightly News and...was that MY show they were covering.  I was on my way out to dinner but had my DVR set.  But alas, as happens (or so I'm told) in the news world, our feel good piece was bumped for late breaking news. BUT, my Facebook wall began exploding with the link to the story online.  And I have to say, I love it.  The piece is beautifully done, including a quick glimpse at least of I think each of my fabulous cast mates, and a single quote from me that I think captures the whole experience. Oh and a picture of me and my handsome lil men.  It's a minute and a half video that captures a life time of growth for me.

Check it out:

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If the piece makes it to national TV, I'll be sure to update!  But for now here are my screen shots of from the piece online!


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