Jun 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

When I was little I worshiped my father.  I was totally a Daddy's Girl.  And he was everything a little girl could have wanted in a dad...
Some of my favorite memories of my dad when I was little revolve around those less than perfect moments.  Like the day he went to drop me off at school when there was apparently no school.  I was maybe six years old but I remember that feeling of fear when I tried to open the school door and it was locked. I thought he'd driven away already and as I turned around eyes already FULL of tears, there he was!  Being a parent myself now I am quite sure that he probably freaked out a little on the inside in that moment as he had to testify in court that day. (As a police officer, see I told you he was everything a little could dream of looking up to.)  I'm fairly confident a curse word or two probably flew through his mind, at least I KNOW it would have mine.  But he simply smiled at me!  And off we were to court with a box of crayons and a coloring book or two.

A few years have passed since that day and since then I watched my dad be an amazing grandpa.  He has been an amazing, constant part of their lives.  I appreciate what he has done for them, for us, so much more than I can ever put into words.

But recently, I've been given the photos from my mom and my grandma (maternal) from when I was little.  Aw, yes I WAS cute, thank you.  But what really struck me, aside from the fact that my mom was in far too few of the photos (so get out from behind that camera moms) was how all of the photos of me with my dad looked so similar....

I know, it's Father's Day but I can't help but point out how beautiful my momma was.

Do you see what I do?  The admiration and love that I remember having for him, was so clearly mutual!!  

Thank you for loving me, and my boys, Dad!
I love you!!!!!!!!!


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